Third-order dispersion mirrors (TOD, IR)

Generation and control of pulse durations below approximately 30 femtoseconds requires compensation not only of the average group delay dispersion, but also for third-order dispersion. Using TOD mirrors allows one to introduce only third-order dispersion without introducing any additional GDD. In most cases grating compressors compensate nicely for GDD, but introduce significant third-order dispersion. Non-compensated third-order dispersion has to be compensated for. The cheapest way to do this is with TOD mirrors from Ultrafast Innovations.

Our customer is using the multi Terawatt few-cycle light wave synthesizer (LWS) based on optical parametric amplification driven by a flashlamp-pumped 80-ps Nd:YAG laser. LWS-20 produces 5-fs, 100-mJ, 20-TW pulses. This innovative laser includes special TOD dispersive mirrors. These elements allow one to precisely control GDD and third-order dispersion in the system. Our mirrors are specifically designed for obtaining the shortest pulse duration with the highest pulse quality.

Please browse UFI’s design database for the following examples:

TOD1 (TOD1301), TOD9


  • Compensation of higher-order dispersion in chirped-pulse amplifier systems or optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifiers

Related reading

  • F. Tavella et al. Opt. Lett. 32 2227 (2007)

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