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UFI: 2022 wrap up



UFI® world tour 22 and new year's resolutions

Not another 2022 retrospective! Our prospective.
While 2022 is almost over** and everybody feels like sharing their success stories before wrapping it up, we want to tell you about our resolutions for the year to come.

This year gave us the chance to finally meet and catch up face to face with many of you. With about one show per month, we were present at the most relevant scientific conferences and trade fairs for the ultrafast-science and optics community around the globe. In addition to our talks and poster presentations, we completed numerous installations and campaigns at customers sites. This gave us the opportunity to do what we like the most: discuss science.

UltraFast Innovations was founded in 2009 with a clear vision: to make the relatively new and unexplored field of ultrafast science available to a large and diverse community. During this time, ultrafast science has done a vast leap and is now present in many research and industry laboratories around the world. In recognition of this tremendous progress, the Wolf Foundation awarded professors L’Huillier, Corkum and Krausz “for pioneering contributions to ultrafast laser science and attosecond physics” in 2022. And we went along all the way.

Responding to the acute needs and demands of our customers, we have established an extended portfolio that includes both a wide range of optical components and optical devices for ultrafast applications covering a broad spectral range from the IR to the XUV/soft X-ray region, as well as custom-made optics. We, thus, consider our “initial vision” fulfilled: a world where ultrafast science is widespread. So, what’s next? The discussions we had this year point towards the same goal: the extreme. You are aiming for higher power, shorter pulses, shorter and even longer operating wavelengths; to push the ultimate limits. And we are here to further support you in your endeavor.

Our ongoing developments and experimental designs echo the anticipated requests of the ultrafast community, thus, ensuring our position as one of the innovators at the forefront of ultrafast science. And our impact has not gone unnoticed. For our continuous effort, we have been awarded the “Innovator of the year” for two consecutive years.

See you next year in your lab, at a conference or a trade fair. In the meantime, let’s connect! Let's keep making ultrafast science huge!

The UltraFast Innovations team.

** We may or may not have had to write this two months in advance to help the elves with all your Christmas (orders)