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  • XUV spectrograph
  • Ultra-high contrast third-order autocorrelator TUNDRA
  • Enhancement cavities for continuous-wave/pulsed laser light
  • Ultra-broadband compression mirror set, double-angle technology (design PC70)
  • RSI - resonance scanning interferometer for GDD measurements
  • White Light Interferometer for Ultrafast Optics Dispersion Measurement
  • XUV / IR - pulse delay unit
  • XUV multilayer mirrors
  • Hollow core fiber compressor
  • Cavity-Ringdown (CRD) Loss Meter and Reflectometer
  • HDM at 2000-2200 nm with -1000 fs2


  • GTI mirrors with low oscillations
  • Generation of sub-millijoule-energy and sub-4fs-duration near-infrared laser pulses
  • Highly-dispersive mirror for Yb:YAG laser with GDD of -10000 fs2

Product catalogue

Ultrafast Innovations Product Catalog

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