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We present our XUV Phase Retarder AURORA for ultrafast attosecond MCD measurements.
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Ultrafast Innovations GmbH is newly equipped with the HELIOS 800 Gen II magnetron sputtering coating plant of Bühler Leybold Optics. The newest addition has allowed to expand our portfolio and enables production of large aperture optics.

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We present our new TUNDRA++ Ultra-high Contrast Third-Order Autocorrelator with a dynamic range of up to 14 orders of magnitude with 1-3 mJ input pulses with 800 nm, 1030 nm or 1064nm.
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We present the new PC1332 mirrors as successor of our successful PC70 mirrors. In comparison to our forerunning PC70 design, the spectral coverage of the PC1332 is shifted to the blue, thus supporting generation of shorter pulses: 2.2 fs (PC1332) compared to 3 fs (PC70).
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We present the first commercial Light Field Synthesizer enabling synthesis and
sub-femtosecond control of super-octave light transients.
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New measuring device

Cavity-Ringdown (CRD) Loss Meter and Reflectometer

Our reflectometer uses the extreme sensitivity of cavity ring-down detection to measure mirror reflectivities up to 99.9995 % (5 ppm losses). [...]

New mirror

HDM at 2000-2200 nm with -1000 fs2

Following the recent trend developing near IR high power lasers there is an increased demand on high dispersive, low loss oscillator optics. The presented HD1501 mirrors close this gap and suit ideally Tm and Ho oscillators with unprecedented specification [...]

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