XUV multilayer mirrors (XUV)

XUV mirrors specifically adapted to experimental parameters are a key component for attosecond pulse generation and other experiments.

Our design know-how and application experience enables us to provide support for the planning of your set-up.

Realizing multilayer coatings for the XUV and soft-X-ray spectral range requires arrangements of tens to hundreds of nanometer-thick layers with atomically smooth interfaces and sub-0.1 nm thickness control. This imposes very high demands on the multilayer deposition process which our in-house coating facilities can fulfill.

The currently accessible central energy range spans 30 to 200 eV. As an example, the measured reflectivity of an XUV mirror at central energy 92 eV is shown here.

The maximum reflectivity and bandwidth for a certain central energy can be estimated according to the above graph.
For energies above 100 eV, reflectivities ~10% and maximum bandwidths of 5 eV can be obtained.

Broadband mirrors in the wavelength range 50-100 eV are particularly suitable for generating isolated attosecond pulses. With our XUV mirrors, customers have achieved some of the shortest pulses presently possible (80 attoseconds in duration).

Further information on XUV multilayer optics can be found in UFI’s design database.

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